I just returned from the Mexico trip and the Aeronaut performed like a champ.
it's hard to believe I attended a wedding on Saturday the 8th of April (2006) in Mexico City, bridged by four days of casual sightseeing etc- completely out of the Aeronaut and a small camera bag. I did have to do some impromptu laundry at the hotel- but still- I came home wearing a clean outfit.
I made pix of the content modules prior to leaving and listed all the contents by item and quantity. Net weight going out was 23lbs for packed Aeronaut. Only one pair of shorts went unused (It wasn't THAT warm out)

For about 15 minutes on the ride home- I just sat in my seat- Aeronaut across the aisle -and watched as it shared overhead space with clumsy incoming wheelies, more paper bags and baggage-rules-illegal behemoth luggage. I measured 6" of extra space between the Aeronaut and the hatch door with the Aeronaut oriented perpendicular to the hatch opening.
I also carried it on my back for an hour at a time as I 'hiked' up and down Washington's Dulles,Geneva and Mexico City airports- waiting to board my flights. What a lovely feeling to carry a fatigue free carry-on.