Using the Rotary Dial and Tailcap in Combination

1. Standard Momentary Activation [Rotary Dial in the Full Clockwise position - Tailcap PRESS ON and RELEASE OFF

As long as the tailcap button is pressed the light is ON. As soon as it is released the light is extinguished. This is of vital concern in a tactical environment as often it is as important to get the light extinguished as it is to energize it on demand.

2. Strobe [Rotary Dial in the Middle Setting - Tailcap PRESS ON and RELEASE OFF]

As long as the tailcap button is pressed the light is STROBING. This is deployed when the operator wishes to close the gap or disorient threats.This is a powerful modality! As long as the tailcap button is pressed, the light will cycle in a pre-programmed rapid strobe pattern. While operating in strobe mode, the power sent to the LED is increased to its maximum safe output to increase the effect on the threat's visual perception.

3. Constant On Mode Or Adjustable [Rotary Dial at the Full Counter-Clockwise position]

  • a. Constant On, Last Setting or Full Power (Factory Default) [Tailcap PRESS AND RELEASE]
    The light will stay ON. To turn the light OFF, Quickly PRESS AND RELEASE the tailcap button again.
  • b. Adjustable / User Selectable Light Levels [Tailcap PRESS AND HOLD]
    To change Modes when the Rotary Dial is on Channel 3
    *Note the Mode changes are cycled in a set sequence:
    1-2-3-1 and so on.
    -To change from Mode I (factory default) to Mode II, press and HOLD the tailcap button when the rotary dial is set for CONSTANT ON-OFF operation until the light blinks twice (approx. 10 seconds). Repeat the process. The next time you activate the tailcap, the light will start off in Mode II
    -To change to the next Mode, Mode III, initiate the same sequence.
    -To change from Mode III back to Mode I (factory default), initiate the sequence again.
    -This feature gives the Gladius a wide range of versatility to meet operational requirements never previously available in this category of illumination tools. If the operator needs just enough light to navigate in difficult terrain, to signal, or complete some administrative functions, the light can be adjusted accordingly.most importantly, the operator may now store a specific illumination level for instant access- never having to over or under illuminate in a critical situation.

4. System OFF Mode - Lock Out

-Press the tailcap button halfway down when the rotary dial is in the full counter-clockwise position to access additional rotation.
- Rotate the knob one more position clockwise.
- Once the additional rotation is achieved, the light is "Locked Out" and the tailcap button will not depress. This allows the light to be stored in a "go-bag", with other personal gear, or in a holder without accidental light activation.
- To Unlock the light, simply move the rotary dial clockwise.

Switching Modes Dynamically

Once you become familiar with the operation of the Gladius, you will appreciate the powerful capability of switching modes on the fly. You can preset to another mode by simply turning the rotary dial without changing the current level or type of light output you are currently accessing. The next time the tailcap switch is cycled it will be in that new modality. For example, you may be navigating using the Gladius at its lowest level of light. During that navigation task, you can switch the rotary dial to Momentary Mode. The light will remain at its lowest level until you press the tailcap again. At that point you will be at full power and in the Momentary Mode.